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Welcome 2 Media Video production studio

YouTube Network Welcome 2 Media launches video production studio in Hollywood

Welcome2media has officially launched their new video production studio in Hollywood effective September 3, 2013. We have the latest state of the art equipment for video precision and clarity. We offer state of the art cameras and recording devices to make your pictures/videos of sharp quality. We offer internet access for your visuals and recording needs. Our office is located in dow...


W2MG Network reaches over 3 million viewers during the BET Awards 2013 Experience!

Lets congratulate all W2MG clients which covered the 2013 BET Awards. You guys handled yourselves with excellence and as a result the Welcome 2 Network was rated #1 in media coverage of the BET Awards with 1.5 million video views generated in 3 days! Watch Welcome2CALItv on YouTube Watch Welcome2NYCtv on YouTube Ap 1nabillion & Dangerus Diva gave an amazing recap of the 2013 BET Awards wit...

Welcome 2 Media clients get partnered with Youtube!

Congrats are due! 10 Welcome2media clients (JohnathonbanksTv, MortensTv, IsaiahMorton, LadylolaTv, W2mgTv, 10plustv, slickboytv, itseddieb, jc4infinitytv, blacksara8) were all approved for a monetization partnership with Youtube! People worldwide watch billions of videos every day on YouTube, as a YouTube partner, our clients will have the ability to earn money from any original content upload...