YouTube Partnership

Many folks ask why they should join Welcome 2 Media’s YouTube Network. It’s a great question! We will give them awesome YouTube enhancement tools and personal support to grow their audience and earn more revenue.

Below you will find information about partnering YouTube channels on our network and a thorough rundown of EVERYTHING we can offer:

Green Room Studio: Welcome 2 Media offers creators free use of the video production center near Hollywood, Ca. Our beautiful facility offers full service amenities and exceptional customer service and support for all pre and post production!

Gorilla (direct-to-sponsor) campaigns: Every month we offer at least one sponsorship opportunity where partners can earn between $25 – $35 CPMs by including a brief branded message within the first 30 seconds of your video. We offer CPM campaigns, CPC campaigns, and Featured Channel campaigns, where they are paid for each subscriber they get when they feature a channel of their choice. (no revenue split, meaning the client receives 100% of the earnings!)

Facebook App: All of our partners receive a personalized Facebook app that brings the YouTube channel experience to Facebook. It allows you to monetize video, interact with fans, and share videos through the Facebook API.

Premium-Level CPMs: AdSense serves different ads to different partners. If you have a direct partnership with YouTube, you are most likely not getting the highest value ads. With Fullscreen, you get ads that earn you more money!

Full YouTube Partner Benefits: You get all of the same partner benefits with W2MG that you get with YouTube, including the ability to upload a clickable top banner, custom thumbnails, and “Shows.”

Dashboard’s In-Depth Analytics: Through our personalized Dashboard, the client is given up-to the-moment in-depth monetization analytics.

Hub Network Promotion: A hub network is a community comprised of like-minded content creators who are featuring their content on a single channel. By having a focused fanbase view your content, you are advertising your channel to those who are most likely to subscribe to your channel. In that way, you and the hub network grow together!

Bulk Annotation Tool: W2MG has a one-click solution to creating annotations across your entire library! By creating compelling annotations, you can draw viewers of your old content to your newest content, send viewers to subscribe to your channel, or promote new projects.

Instant Ad Approval: When you have a direct partnership with YouTube, it can take up to 48 hours to show ads on all new videos. This is lost revenue for you during the most important time in your video’s online lifespan! With W2MG, you have ads on your video from the second you upload and claim your video.

24/7 Support: You can reach out to with any questions or concerns and you are guaranteed a reply within 24 hours.

Link Shortener: We have a link shortener that also allows you to track how
many people have clicked through. Ever wonder how many people checked out a link on Twitter? Use this tool to find out!

Revenue Splits within each Video: Did you collaborate with someone on your last video and want them to be paid directly from W2MG. You can enter a revenue split to send to another person’s Paypal directly through your Dashboard.

Audio Library: Access an ever growing library of 320,000 royalty free songs and sound effects. Search and download files, include them in your video and upload to YouTube.

Monetize Your Cover Songs: Through our FAM library, you are able to legally monetize cover songs for 40,000+ songs by splitting revenue 50/50 with major record labels.

IPhone App: Maximize your mobile views with your own iPhone application

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