Welcome 2 Media llc is a full-service multi-media agency maintaining practice areas in video production, social media, entertainment, sports, consumer technology, special events, corporate communications, health and wellness, and fashion.

We specialize in the creation, marketing and promotion of viral videos. Our staff of marketing gurus come with over 20 years of experience in internet marketing and promotions. At W2MG we pride ourselves on being the first to give a chance to undiscovered talent and turn them into household names.

In addition to marketing, our firm owns and operates a variety of unique web properties which currently generate over 100 million monthly views.

Our diverse group of web properties feature user friendly layouts and numerous high traffic areas to promote your brand or product to the target audience of your liking

We believe communication is the key to success, and the staff of W2MG are experts in effectively communicating our clients’ messages to our target audience. We listen to our clients’ needs, gain insight, and create a trusted extension of their marketing departments. W2MGs’ PR specialists work every day to place strategic stories in a wide array of markets and sectors. Whether the goal is to drive web traffic, introduce a new technology or product, or even clutter-bust a crowded marketplace, we are a multi-media agency that understands our clients’ business models and how to generate media coverage that brings measurable results.

Creator Videos

Welcome 2 Media is responsible for producing over 500 billion hours of watched content over the internet. We know what the people want to see!


Building a strong YouTube channel can be difficult without the right support. As a W2MG partner, we’ll give you full ongoing support and software tools, designed to build income, audience and engagement around your video content. Apply to find out how we can help you become a household name.


Increase Revenue

Joining the W2MG network brings you to the top level of YouTube’s Partner Program. Videos that you monetize through W2MG will be eligible for premium ads, which translates into higher RPMs and increased earnings for you.

Complete Transparency

Know exactly what you’re making and where it’s coming from. As a W2MG partner, you’ll have total visibility into your channel’s earnings and performance stats through our Dashboard. We’re committed to complete transparency on all financial matters.


Welcome 2 Media offers you the opportunity to participate in sponsored videos and cross-promotional campaigns every month. You’ll have regular access to Gorilla campaigns which offer $20-$50 CPMs which can boost your standard YouTube revenue stream.

Welcome 2 Music

W2M (short for “Welcome 2 Music”) allows our musician partners to legally cover and monetize hundreds of thousands of songs. Pick a song, upload your cover and start earning revenue immediately.



Our Dashboard is the control panel for your YouTube channel. The dashboard lets you easily monitor your YouTube earnings, join Sponsorship campaigns, share revenue with collaborators, video editors and access exclusive tools and promote your content.


Welcome 2 Media partners receive exclusive access to our growing list of Audience Development tools. Expand your YouTube presence to Facebook with our app, track how your videos are shared across the web with our custom link shortener and much more.

Audio Library

Welcome 2 Media partners receive free access to a massive library of 350,000 sound effects and music tracks for use in your YouTube videos. Search or browse for the exact sound that you need, then simply download it for use in your next YouTube video, all absolutely free as a W2MG partner.

Partner Support

Building a great YouTube channel can be difficult without the right support. As a W2MG partner, you’ll receive a dedicated partner manager and access to 24/7 support from our team of YouTube experts.