Music Internships

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Welcome 2 Media is a leading new media company. We are hiring interns for &,  two  exciting and unique social network and digital entertainment sites. Welcome2cali reaches over 10 Million viewers a month, and the overall Welcome 2 Media network reaches over 100 Million viewers a month. We are seeking contributors in various cities who are intelligent, hard working, trustworthy, faithful, and skilled. This is an amazing opportunity for young, creative individuals to contribute on a large national platform and gain valuable and credible experience. We are seeking interns that are skilled at finding the latest music content. In some cases you will be writing a short synopsis, or recap of the artists. Music Interns are expected to post new music each day, and should anticipate dedicating at least 5-10 hours a week posting and promoting their work. Music Interns should have some level of social media presence and understand how to use it as a means of promoting their posts.

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