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Welcome 2 Media has developed a reputation for racking in big bucks through monetization. W2MG specializes in training beginners on mastering the art of generating tons of monthly revenue while working from the comfort of your own home! Welcome 2 Media can train you in how to generate income through your own website sales, web traffic, website monetization and YouTube monetization.

Welcome 2 Media has recently developed a revolutionary marketing strategy which increases digital music sales through Itunes, Amazon and Google play. This strategy works so well that artists will be able to generate substantial monthly income on a level which allows them to leave their 9/5 job and pursue their music career full time!

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Indie Artists Monetize Your Covers with Our YT Partnership!

Welcome 2 Media is proud to announce that our YT Partnership deal just got a little sweeter! If you’re an aspiring singer looking to cash in at a higher level on the YouTube money train, look no more!

Under our YouTube network we have profit-sharing agreements with Universal Music Publishing Group that will benefit both the songwriters and the indie artist who cover them.Universal’s artists include artists like Justin Bieber, Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, Mariah Carey, Adele, RIhanna, Nicki Minaj and many more.

Under the agreement with the W2MG network, all clients will be able to legally monetize any song within UMPG’s library. This is groundbreaking news! Before this agreement came to fruition, cover songs were ONLY beneficial by bringing a ton of exposure to emerging artists on Youtube when reinterpreting their material BUT now both the indie and commercial artists can make money from each song, creating a win win situation!

W2MG is best known for catapulting under-rated YT channels and turning them into some of the most successful channels on YouTube today.
We provide ongoing support and consultation for clients, including channel management, a full suite of software tools, and hands-on services designed to build audience and engagement around video content.

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1500 or Nothin


Our Clients 1500 or Nothin are responsible for producing Grammy nominated singles such as “Grenade” for Bruno Mars & “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. 1500 or Nothin is not only a group of talented producers, but a movement. Stay tuned for more as we wrap up the final stages of their highly anticipated website featuring their music, clothes, and lifestyle.
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