Amazing Spiderman Playing Basketball Goes Viral with over 5 million views on YouTube!

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to first congratulate *Welcome 2 Media Group* channel *Professorlive* ( for having his “Amazing Spider man plays basketball” video reach over 5 million views on YouTube!

The video is pure genius! Grayson Boucher aka the Professor, displays amazing ball handling skills as he dismantles player after player at the park, all while dressed in a Spider man costume. (It amazes us that he was even able to shoot with the costume on).

In addition to the YouTube success the video was also featured on ESPN, Good Morning America, and a list of other top media outlets.

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Welcome2media’s own Dangerus Diva goes viral on Youtube with 800,000 hits!


“Get Ready For The Show” receives over Half a MILLION views on youtube in less than a month!
The theme in the lyrics and video is a strong sense of preparing the audience for the newest Diva on the scene. Dangerus Diva shows you just why she’s Dangerous and why her last name is Diva. She struts her dangerous curves, gives a little attitude and sex appeal all while she shares a few sexy dance moves. Dangerus Diva can be seen wearing her signature “bootilicious” leggings with a one sleeve black and white stripe shirt in the video.
Soon enough, the video has spread to popular media sites across the globe and started getting 25,000-30,000 hits a day. The video has received hundreds of great comments that notes her vocal ability and undeniable sex appeal. With the curves of a urban model and the vocal ability of a soulful R&B singer the video will continue to be viewed millions of times. Go Diva, It’s Ya Birthday!