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Welcome 2 Media is a leading new media company. We are hiring freelance Video Bloggers for &,  two exciting and unique social network and digital entertainment sites. Welcome2cali reaches over 10 Million viewers a month, and the overall Welcome 2 Media network reaches over 100 Million viewers a month. We are seeking contributors in various cities who can connect with film industry influencers and entertainment enthusiasts. This is an amazing opportunity for young, creative individuals to become published on a large national platform and gain valuable and credible experience. You do not need to be a video creator, yourself. You simply need to have the ability to find entertaining high-quality content. Some Video Topics Include: Sports Music Reality Shows Music Videos Celeb News/Interviews We are seeking video bloggers that are skilled at finding this content and writing a short synopsis, or recap of the video clip. Bloggers are expected to submit 3 video posts each day, and should anticipate dedicating at least 5-10 hours a week posting and promoting their work. Bloggers should have some level of social media presence and understand how to use it as a means of promoting their blog posts.   Video Blogger compensation are unlimited.  Some of our top vloggers are earning between $10,000-$25,000 a month. As an independent contractor, you will have a schedule flexibility to meet your needs, but you will also enjoy the support and resources of a tremendous team to provide coaching and assistance in marketing your articles. We are a growing organization, and we look forward to finding talent to grow with us. Depending on your experience or performance at entry level, opportunity may be available for you to transition into taking on more integral roles with higher earnings.

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