About the Owners

Jamahl & Shavonne Morton aka Ap 1nabillion & Dangerus Diva
Welcome 2 Media was founded by husband and wife duo Jamahl & Shavonne Morton.

The Morton’s, widely known by their stage names Ap 1nabillion & Dangerus Diva are two proactive musicians who decided to take promoting their music careers into their own hands.

The Morton’s have a unique love story. The power couple met through the internet!

In 1999 Jamahl and his older brother Kwame, both Brooklyn New York natives, were given a website by Discmakers to promote their first Hip hop Cd titled Blessed. At the time, other than going over his brothers house, Jamahl had no way to view the internet. Once Jamahl saw his image and product featured on a website for the whole world to see he immediately purchased a computer of his own! He began to spend hours promoting the Blessed Brovaz album to hundreds of thousands of internet users through various chat rooms and social networks. Little did he know how special one of those internet users would be!

Summer of 2001 Jamahl’s group Blessed Brovaz debuted their first Hip hop music video titled Da Verge. The video was a huge success reaching #1 on various video show countdowns, both television and internet based. A huge part of the videos success was the online marketing and promotion of the video. Jamahl recalls sometimes spending 10 hour days sending out emails and messages to hundreds of thousands of potential fans, pitching his music as food for the soul. One of those potentials had the unique username of Dangerusdiva.

Shavonne aka Dangerus Diva quickly grabbed Jamahl aka Ap 1nabillion’s attention. Not only was she beautiful, but she was college educated, very well spoken, sweet, professional, confident and God fearing. Everything Jamahl wanted in a woman. There was only one catch…Shavonne lived in Los Angeles California, nearly 3000 miles from New York City! The two first started to converse via the internet in 2001 but it would be years before things materialized to more than just internet chatting.

After years of instant messages, and months of conversing over the phone, the two decided to finally meet in person.
Jamahl flew across the country to Los Angeles to finally meet Shavonne, and from the time they were face to face the two have been inseparable!

During the course of their courtship the couple realized they had more things in common than they originally thought. In fact during Shavonne’s first trip to New York Jamahl invited her to listen to some new music he had produced which was missing the touch of R&b vocals. To Ap’s amazement Shavonne burst out some powerful vocals to his tracks which left him flabbergasted! Little did he know Shavonne had been offered a record deal while in her teens, however she decided to pursue education over music. Those vocals inspired the song Agape, the first of many powerful unreleased love songs Ap n Diva have created together.

After a 3 year relationship, traveling back and forth from between New York and California, the couple eloped and married in Las Vegas. They surprised their respective families and friends with the news of their appeared spur of the moment marriage, but the biggest surprise was when everyone found out Shavonne was pregnant with the Morton’s first child!
In an even bigger surprise Jamahl gave his family the news that he would leave behind all his possessions and business ventures in N.y. and start over in California with his wife Shavonne.

Leaving behind many businesses which he started in Ny (Welcome2nyc.com, The BBENT recording studio, Jc4infinity clothing & cell phone business, personal belongings and a music deal worth $150,000), Ap headed to California with only his computer, microphone and video camera. He began to struggle while trying to duplicate the success he had achieved in New York. It drove him crazy seeing his wife still working full time weeks before giving birth to their 1st child, so Jamahl decided to take out his camera and microphone and use it to host entertainment interviews for his website Welcome2nyc.com.

Just two weeks before Shavonne gave birth to their first child Jamahl received an opportunity to host red carpet for the 2009 BET Awards week. It was at that time the world began to not only notice the growth of Welcome2nyc.com but also notice the new break through, out in Los Angeles, taking place in Jamahl’s life.

Just weeks later that summer of 2009 the Morton’s welcomed a beautiful healthy baby boy, Jamahl Morton Jr, into the world. Since the birth of their first child the Morton’s haven’t looked back and have since birthed many healthy companies to follow.

In spring of 2010 a tentative Shavonne decided to upload her first cover song, Alicia Keys Unthinkable, to YouTube. The video received over 250,000 views and was applauded with thousands of comments and rave reviews by many fans and top blog sites. With the success of that video Shavonne began to break out of her shell and began uploading more music for her rapidly growing fan base. During that summer Shavonne, like her husband, took on the role of video host during the Bet Awards weekend. She was such a natural on camera that many thought she had been hosting for years!

With such a strong talented artist to represent, and a world of connections established from hosting and performance gigs throughout the years, Jamahl & Shavonne decided to launch their own public relations firm, and parent company for all Welcome 2 affairs, Welcome 2 Media. The company quickly began signing and creating publicity for talented musicians, athletes, entertainers and businesses across the globe.

Early 2011 the Morton’s launched Welcome2Cali.com the website along with the Welcome2CaliTv YouTube channel. During that summer Shavonne began to experience turbulence at her once stable job she had secured for over 8 years, as part owner of an anti-aging clinic in Beverly Hills. After a terrible fall out with her boss, Shavonne decided to step down from her position at her previous employer, and took a leap of faith, in turn for becoming a full time Co-CEO with her husband Jamahl at new start up company Welcome 2 cali. In just several months Welcome2cali.com became a respected source for news, entertainment and hot spots in California. Welcome2CaliTv’s YouTube video channel received over 25 million views in its first year! The success of the Welcome 2 Cali brand began to open many doors for the Morton’s.

In the fall of 2012 Welcome 2 Media Group formed a partnership with the FullScreen Network. That partnership lead to a Multi-Channel Network deal with YouTube. The Multi-Channel Network deal allows W2MG to offer full YouTube partnerships with sponsorship opportunities to other YouTube talent across the world.

Some of the talent on the W2MG Network includes street ball basketball star Grayson Boucher aka The Professor (professorlive). Actor/Comedian Katt Williams (kattwilliamstv). Heavyweight Boxing Champ and Wladimir Klitschko head trainer Johnathon Banks (johnathonbankstv). YouTube sports reporter Elie Seckbach (Esnews/Welcome2SportsWorld) and a list of other niche channels in the fields of entertainment, sports, fashion, beauty & style, music, food, couponing, religion and many more!

The W2MG Network currently houses 50 plus channels, boast over 20,000 videos and over 250,000,000 video views. W2MG specializes in brand integration and making up and coming, or even declining, talent grow into hot topics and household names!

Welcome 2 Media will be opening a green screen studio, with HD cameras and an onsite editor, to the public September 1st 2013.

If you are a creator looking for a creative home come join the Welcome 2 Media Network family and let them help you grow into a household name too!

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