About W2MG

Based in Los Angeles with an office in New York, W2MG is known for implementing creative and customized public relations programs designed to impact a clients’ specific business goals and objectives.

In today’s media world it takes experience, expertise and innovative thinking to deliver your message in the manner and medium you want. The staff of W2MG maintains intimate relationships with key influential figures in media, entertainment, business, government, nonprofit, and all walks of life.

Our expertise encompasses a variety of practice areas, including corporate communications, technology marketing, consumer products, sports, entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, healthcare, and special events. A results-driven communications firm, we attribute our success to the relationships we have with Music Execs,  members of the media, including reporters, columnists, editors, bookers and producers, daily newspapers, magazines, consumer publications, business publications, wire news services, bloggers, new media outlets, radio and international media.

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